The one I write about

We all have that one person as writers. The one that we always think of when we start writing and cant stop. The one that we see and imagine things with and we cant help it, our mind just goes there, to the person, to the place or the thing that makes us feel sane. It grounds us, it makes us feel something in us that we just get a natural high off of, and you can feel it in your bones and in your mind when it starts thinking and your fingers cant keep up. Its what makes writers, writers. We feel differently then others, we feel things so much deeper and the only way to express it is to write. Maybe thats why people think writers are insane. But to us its the normal and we are the sane ones. And maybe thats why we think of that one person, because we cant express how we feel out loud and we pray that they’ll stubble upon our writings.


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