Same Shit. Different People.

So i met this new guy. But honestly whats new. I talk about guys on here like they re chips and i’m just picking and picking. He’s different. I know he isn’t lying to me. I know it only me and him. But he scares the hell out of me. Like honestly. He’s been in many relationships. Ive never been in one. He knows what he wants. So do I but still. Its not that I don’t want him anymore its that I need him. and that scares me. Like i’ve never needed anyone before. Like I always had my back, and knowing i’m giving someone the chance to just stab me in the back is just a weird feeling. I have major trust issue’s. and daddy issues. Ive sent pictures, I kinda lost myself. But then I met John and it was like I could just be me. Like I know he’ll never judge me. Which might be a lie. He said  last night he secretly judged me. I don’t know. Hopefully he is different and just doesn’t screw me over like the rest of them. Im scared, but maybe a good scared?


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